Interview with Savion Glover

Assista à entrevista com o sapateador Savion Glover feita por Mila Burns. (Imagens de Francisco Quinteiro Pires)

Watch an interview with the tap dancer Savion Glover by Mila Burns. (Francisco Quinteiro Pires filmed it)



One thought on “Interview with Savion Glover

  1. Uchan

    I felt like going into a tirade at Macauley mlysef after I read his review of Darci Kistler’s farewell performance. What was the point of ripping her apart on her retirement night? What did he gain by doing that? I felt like writing to the New York Times in complaint but figured they don’t care. But honestly I thought it was in very poor taste to criticize her on what should have been a very celebratory night.


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