Interview with Savion Glover

Assista à entrevista com o sapateador Savion Glover feita por Mila Burns. (Imagens de Francisco Quinteiro Pires)

Watch an interview with the tap dancer Savion Glover by Mila Burns. (Francisco Quinteiro Pires filmed it)


1 thought on “Interview with Savion Glover

  1. Uchan

    I felt like going into a tirade at Macauley mlysef after I read his review of Darci Kistler’s farewell performance. What was the point of ripping her apart on her retirement night? What did he gain by doing that? I felt like writing to the New York Times in complaint but figured they don’t care. But honestly I thought it was in very poor taste to criticize her on what should have been a very celebratory night.


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